“The organisation (GIPLC) supported me with N1.4m to take my son to India for surgery. My son suffered from a hole in the heart. I had been looking for funds for up to 3 years and will forever be grateful to the organisation as I had lost all hope before Nuhu kwajafa came to our rescue. The organisation has helped me so much and before now, i never thought there were still well meaning Nigerians in existence. Long live GIPLC”


“I got to know of GIPLC in 2007 when members were sensitizing & canvassing members of the public at a hotel in Abuja. Although I was working as a British Diplomat in Nigeria, I became involved in several different funds/materials-raising activities with GIPLC, such as monthly food collection & distribution and more notably the one-off charity that I co-hosted with GIPLC for distinguished Nigerian and expatriate communities to raise money for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Abuja.


My name na Iyabo Adeleye. My pikin Azeez na 2 years old e bi wen one kain pimple comot for him face, na em we go hospital doctor come say na cancer and them need N140,000 naira to remove am for him face. I look for this money for over 10 years ad every day the pimple dey grow for my pikin face sotay the face come change. One day I carry my pikin go the Sun newspapers, so they carry the story and Mr Nuhu come see am so he call me and tell me say na from Abuja him dey call me from say he dey come Lagos come pay the money. I no believe am until wen i see am come Sun newspaper and give me the money. Na only God fit bless Nuhu and him organisation.


My pikin get one leg and tis one happen wen we fall from okada wen she just be 5 years old. Na so i dey suffer until oga Nuhu see my pikin for newspaper and he follow the paper look for me. The organisation help my pikin get artificial leg and them pay N350,000 cash for the orthopaedic hospital for Enugu. Since wen she get the accident na back i dey back her go school and my back dey pain me, so tay i no dey fit sweep. This organisation don comot big load for my head. This organisation don clear the tears from my eyes becos for five years i dey back her, now she can run and waka by herself. God go bless this organisation in Jesus name and if this organisation dey two for Nigeria, everybody go dey ok for this Nigeria.

CEO, HOPE FOR HOPELESS HOME, Jikwoyi FCT, Nigeria... Obuwada

“GIPLC has been a wonderful organisation supporting children and the less privileged. They have been paying my children’s school fees, feeding us monthly and providing medication. They have been so great and I say a big thank you to them. I want to tell Nigerians and I pray that the organisation will grow from strength to strength and if there is anyway government can come to their aid, fine. Since they are spreading out and government cannot do it, let the government use them to reach other homes/communities and I pray that God will help them grow.


GIPLC has been so helpful for the past 3 years. They have been so helpful. They assist and care for the children in this home and make them happy. We have been benefiting from their monthly food collection program. Nigerians should support them so they can reach out to more people.


We have benefitted over the years from GIPLC through their monthly food item collection such as rice, indomie, diapers, detergent and lots more. GIPLC has also give us a beautiful library with books for the children and we are so grateful for that and i want to tell Nigerians to help the good works they are doing.


So far, N8,000,000.00 naira has been raised for Moses kidney transplant and this organisation has been of great help to me and my family since 2009 when we came back from India. When we were travelling, they assisted us in paying for our ticket and since then they have been paying Moses school fees and 7 months ago when his drug was about to finish i came to them and they sent $1,500 to India and they bought the drug. I am here again today because they want to pay for drugs for one year for him again and every month we come to collect food stuff and money for his check up. I want to tell Nigerians that they should pray and they should assist the organisation because they have been of help to other people especially my brother Moses.


Nuhu Kwajafa sold his car to ensure that a surgery was done on my son who had no anus. The surgery was done but my son died as it was a little too late. However i am sincerely grateful and have never stopped telling people how the organisation helped me raise the about a hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) for the surgery and another baby in Ondo suffering from the same condition as my son with 250k from the money of his car sale.


My name is Rita Nongo, i be the wife of the police officer wen die for the police headquarter bomb blast. Wen my husband die this organisation come see me for my house for kwali dem bring plenty food stuff for us and they come give me N200,000.00 make i take support myself. I want God to continue to bless them.