SUPPORT A CHILD TO GET AN EDUCATION [support a child to get an education today with a token of N500, N1000, N2000, N5000 etc payable directly to school's account]

On this project, the organization wishes to strengthen partnerships with all stakeholders, to enable a comprehensive and expanded approach to the plight of the OVC.

Education is a right of every child and not a privilege. Holistic education offers opportunities for a positive future and access to good life choices and skills, equipping the child to be an asset, not a liability to the society.

However, in Nigeria, qualitative Education or any form of education at all, for that matter, is a privilege to millions of children. Poverty, illiteracy and years of poor implementation of educational policies have left millions of children out of school and on the streets, albeit, ill equipped. This is even more challenging in cases where children have lost one or both parents and are in custody of the state or private orphanages.

The project seeks to stimulate and promote our inherent, participatory social responsibility roles, as Africans and indeed Nigerians, enabling children in need, to develop holistically, using the available resources to boost their potentials, for the benefit of the community. We have initiated this process by commissioning libraries in 12 orphanages within our focus areas, and sponsoring over 2000 children to school, for a year.

Through the Collective Responsibility Initiative (CRI) Individuals and groups can give our children the opportunity of a brighter future, by a part or full educational sponsorship/scholarship, at Pre-primary level, Primary and junior secondary school level. 


Tuition for a Year costs an average of N50, 000/ per child inclusive of books and uniforms i.e. $350 or £250. Alternatively, a monthly contribution of N4,500, $30 or £20 can make a world of difference. Better still, monthly contributions of as low as N450 or $3.00 or BP1.50, will render unimaginable support to the OVC.

To ensure transparency and prudent management of resources, all funds accruing to “Child Education Support” will be domiciled to a partnering Bank(s), for onward appropriation, under the supervision of an independent board of administrators, made up of reputable individuals in the society.