Donate Food, clothes & Sundries to the less privilege [Please bring donations e.g food, clothes & sundries to us @ Peace Park Garden, International conference Centre Abuja every Last Saturday of the month  9:00am - 6:00pm]

FOOD FOR ONE MILLION (FF1M) is a process aimed at providing food to less privileged children in order to keep them healthy and nourished. We are able to achieve this through sensitizing the public on the presence and plight of these underprivileged Nigerian children and the need to give food & allied supplies to enhance their survival, growth and development.

Due to GIPLC’s efforts over 7,000 OVC, mainly spread through 23 orphanages (not excluding street kids/urchins Aged 0-9) within our project communities, over a period of 6 years, have benefited from the monthly food and materials donations. Indeed, residents of the F.C.T and Nigerians at large are more aware and in touch with inherent issues, regarding the OVC i.e. lack of access to adequate Nutrition, Health, Holistic Education, Shelter, Water/Environmental Sanitation, Household care & economic empowerment. 

Through our COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVE (CRI), privileged Individuals, Corporate Organizations, Government and entrepreneurs have participated via food donations and  provision of other items & services at the Food For One Million monthly collections, held at the international Conference Centre (Peace park) every last Saturday of the month, between 9:00am & 6:00pm. At the meet, donors converge with food items, beverages, toiletries, cloths, toys etc. prior to distribution of donated items to identified orphanages.

Donors, who for one reason or the other cannot make it to the collection centre with their donations, are encouraged to call our pickup numbers, to ensure that the items are channeled appropriately.

As a matter of policy, FF1M does not accept cash donations, only food items, toys, medical aid and other relevant services.