Current Projects

OKIKIJESU OLAWUYI - Child born without a skull

Okiki was born on the 11th of May 2010 to the Olawuyi's in Ibadan Nigeria. She was born with a very rare medical condition called Congenital Cranial Deficiency, which means she was born without more than half of her skull.

Since GIPLC became involved in her case, last year in July, the sum of $234,000 (Two Hundred and Thirty Four Thousand  USD) has been raised for her treatment, which will happen at the John Hopkins Medical International, Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America.

Her first in the series of surgery will take place in April 2013 and the period of recovery will run it's course through the year.

Okiki, her father, mother and little brother will be in the United States of America for a year assisting Okiki on her recovery. We therefore appeal to you all our good partners in progress to still reach out please and make your donations no matter how small to see to their upkeep untill they return back to our shores. We still need to pay for their air return tickets, accomodation in America, feeding, transportation, communication and utilities [power, water, heating and cooking gas] medical variant and complication expenses running into millions of naira. You have always responded whenever we ask and we know it will not be different this time. Thank you and God bless.

LEPER'S COMMUNITY - Karmajiji, Airport road, Abuja.

1. Establishing community based E.C.C.D (Early Child and Development) Centre

2. Water, Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Project

a. Sink Borehole

b. Build VIP Latrine  (2 nos each for Male and Female)

c. Establish Community Hygiene Club

Below we have a list of Children with critical medical conditions whom we need to raise over N21m for there treatment.

1.Name:     Ayodele Emmanuel

Age:                                    3 ½ years old                                                  NATIONAL HOSPITAL, ABUJA

Ailment:                             Acute Leukaemia

Amount required:            N5m

2.Name:     Margaret Amarachi Ifeanyi

Age:                                    1 year 8 months old                                      NATIONAL HOSPITAL, ABUJA

Ailment:                             Hydrocephalus

Amount Required:           N700,000.00

3.Name:     Wisdom Okoye

Age:                                    9 years old                                                      INDIA

Ailment:                             Needs Prosthetic limb

Amount Required:           N1.9m

4.Name:     Miss Kanke Jacob Kassam

Age:                                    15 years old                                                    INDIA

Ailment:                             Brain Tumour

Amount Required:           N5.5M

5.Name:     Michael Abbeh

Age:                                    3 years old                                       GWAGWALADA Teaching Hospital, ABUJA

Ailment:                             Reconstructive surgery for 1st degree burns

Amount Required:           N2m

6.Name:     Moses Itodo. Moses has been sponsored by GIPLC for his treatment in India but needs to manage his replacement with drugs regularly


Ailment:                             Kidney Management Patient

Amount Required:           $1,900 for annual medication (N304,000.00)

 7.Name:     Samuel Emmanuel

Age:                                    2 years old                      

Ailment:                             Hole in the heart

Amount Required:          

8.Name:     Adeyanju Oluwatosin - Lagos

Age:                                    13 years old

Ailment:                             Bedridden

Amount Required:          

9. Name:     Ekemini Jacob Essien - Lagos

Age:                                    7 months old                                   INDIA

Ailment:                             Hole in the heart

Amount Required:           N1.9m

11.Name:     Master Emeka Nwankwere

Age:                                    8 years old                                       NATIONAL HOSPITAL, ABUJA

Ailment:                             Congenital hearing loss, needs cochlear implantation

Amount:                            N4.5m. surgery must be performed before he turns 9 years.