To promote sustainable programs and activities that will ensure a better life for the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC).


A society where children will survive, grow and develop.


1. To stimulate active participation in the care and support of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

2. To promote the establishment of community based early childhood care centers.

3. To ensure effective implementation of Child’s Rights Act 2003 (CRA).

4. To encourage participatory and sustainable, community resources mobilization strategies for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) care & support.

5. To strengthen capacity of households/communities to respond to the needs of the OVC.


THE GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR PEACE, LOVE AND CARE (GIPLC) is a non- governmental, non- faith based, not-for-Profit, Charity Organization, founded in 2006 to cater for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria (0-9 years), with current projects in the Federal Capital Territory, Nassarawa and Benue States respectively, providing food, medical assistance,learning materials and sundry items to identified orphanages.

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) are children who have lost one or both parents to death. These Children are often neglected and without the basic rights of life such as: Food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, education and most importantly, love. GIPLC has for the last five years embarked on various projects in partnership with the media, private organizations CSO’s and Individuals to create awareness and provide care & support for OVC.

In line with our mission, the organization seeks to stimulate sustainable, participatory, community based projects, which will cater for the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and other identified persons in especially difficult circumstances.

As an organization that thrives on collective actions, we also seek to build networks and join coalitions to pursue activities that will enhance achieving some of the MDGs (millennium development goals), since government and allied agencies alone lack the manpower and resolve to meet them, adequately. With intervention in nutrition, education and health (and of course psychosocial development), our support is delivered via projects’; Food For 1 Million (FF1M), Save A Child & Child Education Support.