More Charitires

To ensure a better learning experience, we have provided vulnerable children with over 1000 double desks at school, up to 300 walking canes for blind students and 350 wheelchairs for physically challenged children. Other learning materials are mobilized and distributed periodically, to ensure their seamless integration into primary school. Furthermore, CES has provided education in emergency, at Mu, a community in Makurdi LGA Benue state, sequel to displacement from flooding.


Through our collaborations with water focused organizations, we have provided up to 4 boreholes and 3 wells in identified communities and orphanages. We have conducted environmental sanitation exercises, in conjunction with the host communities and identified orphanages, to raise awareness and sensitize the public on the need to preserve our planet. Currently, there is an ongoing tree planting campaign, with the ambition to plant up to 100,000 high yield economic trees, within the next 5 years. This initiative is to ensure every vulnerable child below 6 years, has equal access to early child education and development.


Nigeria has experienced the worst peace time crisis in the country’s history, for over l0years and running, now. As part of its efforts to bring solace to victims, GIPLC set up a crisis response team. These brave staff and volunteers have visited conflict and crisis zones’, ranging from the massacre of women and children at Dogo Nahawa in Plateau state by unknown assailants, the flooding’s in Benue, Kogi and Delta states, not excluding internally displaced persons camps in affected, accessible locations. We have been providing the ever growing camps with essential relief items, to stabilize them, prior to relocation. Supplies worth millions of naira have been mobilized from churches and the general public for the identified, most vulnerable camps.


To raise awareness on the need to promote inclusion for these children who often fall through the gaps of child development, soccer tournaments between the orphanages and
stakeholders/supporters corporate tournaments are organized and publicized for active participation. The current champions of the annual OVC exchange are City of Refuge orphanage Abuja sponsored by Access Bank Enterprise Support Group. Annually, we host an end of year party for over 2000 vulnerable, to encourage socio-cultural integration and ensure more exposure for this most vulnerable section of society.