The Global Initiative for Peace Love and Care (GIPLC) is a non-governmental, non-faith based, not for profit organization in Nigeria with its headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with branches in Nassarawa and Benue States of Nigeria respectively.

Our Organization seeks to stimulate sustainable and participatory community charity projects which cater for vulnerable children & women of Nigeria, and our world ingeneral. Founded over a decade ago (in 2006), GIPLC has executed remarkably effective charity projects locally and internationally (having raised and expended over $5.0MIllion so far), hence our humble recognition by both the private, public and government sectors of Nigeria as an NGO with exemplary visibility, integrity and prudence in the solemn discharge of our calling which is touching and changing lives.


A society where children will survive, grow and develop under the care of healthy and fulfilled mothers.


1. To stimulate active participation in the care and support of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and women.
2. To promote the establishment of community based early childhood care centers.
3. To ensure effective implementation of the child’s right act 2003 (CRA).
4. To encourage participatory and sustainable community resources mobilization strategies for OVC and women care & support.
5. To strengthen capacity of households/communities to respond to the needs of OVC.
6. To provide intervention programs in natural disaster areas that have been affected by floods, earthquakes, war, famine, etc.


To promote sustainable programs and activities that will ensure a better life for vulnerable children and women.

Our story


Nuhu Kwajafa

National Coordinator GIPLC

Gomez Okpala

Manager, Special Operations, GIPLC

Haruna Hua

Project Manager GIPLC